SpeedCubeShop Easter Egg Hunt (Egg Locations)

When I started my Twitch stream today, SCS also posted the info regarding their Easter Egg Hunt on Instagram. So instead of doing BLD solves, I and the Twitch viewers tried to look for the 5 eggs. WARNING: If you want to enjoy the game. stop reading and close this page.

If you wanna play the SCS egg hunt and receive exciting prizes, do the following:
1. Go to speedcubeshop.com
2. Log in your SCS account.
3. Click the main banner for the clues.
4. Start searching and have fun!


The first egg that we found is the pink one. It me some time to find it because my strategy is to check all tabs and pages from left to right. It was when I was in the 4th tab when I gave lost my patience and just jumped to the last tab — our story. There, I found the easiest pink egg.

pink egg

It took me a lot of time to find the second egg because I didn’t know that there were hints. When I saw the hints, it became easier to find the yellow egg. “I am ready to be loved again”. When I read it, I knew it was related to pre-loved items. So it didn’t take a lot of time to find the yellow egg in the pre-owned page.

yellow egg

Finding the blue egg was a little difficult because I didn’t know Char Aznable. But a little help from Google, I found out that that character’s nick name is red comet. Looking at the Comet lube page, we found our 3rd egg–the blue egg.

blue egg

The hint “My name is Dylan” for the green egg was supposedly easy but I was not paying attention. I immediately searched for Jperm’s creator cube but the egg was not there. Only to find out a little later that there is a new Jperm product in the site. I was just admiring that NEW Jperm mat a few minutes ago but I didn’t read its name. So yeah, the green egg is in the Jperm mat page.

green egg

The last egg, the golden egg, was the most fun to find. Most of the viewers already found it but I didn’t give up. When one of the viewers said that it was really stupid, I thought I got it. Watch the video here to see what happened. If you don’t want to miss the fun of looking for it, don’t watch the video.

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