My SpeedCubeShop Story

SpeedCubeShop’s Beans Ambassador

I had no idea why and I was so skeptical about it. A certain Cameron Brown contacted me on Instagram and asked me if I was interested in working with them. He’s using the @speedcubeshopofficial Instagram account and he sent me a link from the SCS website explaining sponsorships. Everything looked legit aside from one thing — me being sponsored. “You probably contacted the wrong person!”, that’s what I wanted to say but I gave him a slightly different reply. Cameron didn’t ask me anything. He just said, “we would love to work with you.” Deep in my mind I thought, “I hope this is really SCS.” When Cameron told me to just email them at an official SCS email address, I started to believe that it’s really Cameron.

“Just email and let them know that you’ll be a beans ambassador”, Cameron stated in his message. In my mind, I thought beans is a certain level of ambassadors. Like level 1, the lowest level. So I thought it was a cool name. I couldn’t wait to become a sprout or whatever they call the next level.

So I emailed SCS. I wrote beans ambassador as the subject. I spent minutes admiring how cool it is to be called a beans ambassador until I had a realization. I immediately grabbed my smartphone, opened Instagram, and sent Cameron a message. “Was that really supposed to be “BEANS” ambassador or you meant “BRAND” ambassador?”, I inquired. Cameron soon replied with a teary-eyed laughing emoji. “It’s BRAND. Typo, sorry!”

I immediately emailed sponsorships again. Did I just ruin my chance to be sponsored? It took them some time to reply but the rest is history. I am now officially a BRAND ambassador of SCS. Some cubers ask me, “Why did you want to represent SCS?” My quick answer is… why not?

SpeedCubeShop, in my opinion, is the best online cubing store when it comes to service quality. They treat their customers as friends. When I shop at SpeedCubeShop, there is that familiar feeling of comfort you can feel when you are drinking coffee at your friend’s coffee shop. The staffs are also super friendly. I think Cameron did a really good job selecting the people he wanted to work with.

In addition, SCS is very sincere in helping the cubing community. SCS is very supportive especially to all the ambassadors. SCS treats us as family. They don’t just give free puzzles. They support. They care. They genuinely want to help us grow.

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