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Battle Room 3.0 FAQs
Can I join the Battle Room 3.0?
Of course! Anyone can join but you have to register before 7:59AM of February 24, 2021. Only registered individuals will be able to access the scrambles.

I am slow/I’m a beginner, can I still join?
Yes, everyone may join. If you are hesitating to join because of your speed, don’t worry. After season 3, the next season of the Battle Room will give cubers like you a better chance of winning. While waiting for announcements, join our Discord server.

I failed to register, can I still join?
Unfortunately, we can not let you join Battle Room 3.0 if you failed to register but you are welcome to join the next season of the Battle Room Tournament. Just join our discord to receive future announcements.

When is Battle Room 3.0?
The Preliminary Rounds will be on February 28, 2021. Official scrambles will be released at 7:59AM Pacific Standard Time. The Live Battles will be on March 6-8, 2021 at 9:30AM PST.

What is the Preliminary Round?
In the preliminary rounds, competitors will be asked to submit their times for 5 official scrambles on Geo Cuber’s Discord Server. The scrambles will be available in the server on Feb 28 at 7:59AM PST. Competitors will have 24 hours to submit their times. The top 16 competitors in the preliminary round will qualify for the online battles that will be broadcasted live on Twitch from March 6-8, 2021.

How do I submit my times for the Preliminary Round?
The scrambles will be released on the discord’s #scrambles channel. Submission of times will be done on the same channel where the scrambles are released. To submit, follow this format: BRsubmit 3×3 . If you accidentally made a mistake, you can submit again. Only your latest submission will be counted as your official times for the competition. Remember that submission of times will only be allowed from 7:59AM of Feb28 until 7:59AM of March1 (24 hours). You are also encouraged to upload the video of your solves in any your social media accounts after the submission for times closes. Use the hashtag #SCSBattleRoom and send the links on the appropriate channel on Discord. Your times will be checked by a group of checkers for validation.

Who will proceed to the Live Battles on Twitch?
The Top16 competitors will be drafted in a tournament style competition and they will compete head to head live on Twitch. If you didn’t make it to the top 16, don’t worry. You can join again next season on which we will apply new rules to give everyone almost equal chances of winning.

How will I compete in the Live Battles?
At the very least, you have to be on our Discord Server and join the Waiting Room voice chat. You may also tune in to our livestream on Geo_Cuber Twitch to receive real-time updates regarding the competition. During your turn to compete, you will be asked to join the Battle Room or you will be dragged to the room if you are in the Waiting Room. By then, you a will have to join the room. Scrambles will be given from letscube but do not scramble yet until you are told to do so. You and your opponent will have to scramble at the same time and solve at the same time, so wait for the cue. The battle will be a race to 5. In other words, the first to get 5 wins will be the winner and will proceed to the next round. It has been a tradition since Battle Room season 1 to use watermelons as counters. Therefore, it’s a race to 5 watermelons. After competing, you will be asked to leave the Battle Room. You may go back to the Waiting Room.

How do I know whether I made it to the top16 or not?
Announcements will be made specially on Discord and Instagram. The top 16 competitors will be asked to confirm their availability for the live battles so that necessary adjustments can be made.

What do I need to compete?
For the preliminary round, you will need a WCA legal cube, any timer of your choice (as long as it runs normally), a cube cover (or anything that can cover the entire cube, and a camera to record all your 5 solves. Honesty is also required so please compete honestly. If you happen to make it to the top16, you will need a decent webcam and a microphone as you will be competing live using Discord. You are of course expected to have a letscube and discord account and be online during the Live Battles.

I made it to the Top 16, what should I do next?
First, we need you to inform us your willingness to join the live battles. If you can’t make it to the live battles, we will be assuming that you are forfeiting your chance to compete further in the competition. Necessary adjustments will be applied. On the first round (March 6), all top 16 competitors are expected to be present. Eight pairs of competitors will battle head to head and the winners will proceed to round 2 (March 7). Failure to be present on the day of the competition will result to disqualification and the opponent will automatically proceed to the next round. The head to head battles will continue until one competitor remains. The remaining competitor will be declared the winner of Battle Room 3.0.

Do I need to show my face on camera?
You will not be forced to show your face on camera but at the very least we need to see your solves and hear your voice.

Do I need a Stackmat Timer?
No, you don’t. You may use any “fair” timing device. For the live battles, you will need a letscube account and an access to

Do I need to follow GeoCuber18 on Twitch?
No, you don’t have to but you might need to watch the livestream on Twitch to be updated on what’s happening while you are competing.

Can I record myself while competing?
Sure, no problem. Just make sure it doesn’t distract you and it doesn’t affect the quality of your video during the live battle. Competition highlights will be available on twitch and YouTube.

Is Battle Room Sponsored?
Yes! Battle Room 3.0 is sponsored by SpeedCubeShop. Previous Battle Room competitions were also sponsored by SpeedCubeShop.
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