Battle Room 4.0 Registration

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! Check out —> Battle Room V
(Please join Battle Room 5 instead. It will be announced soon! Join our discord for updates!)
Register here: Registration Form
Deadline: May 13 8:59AM PST
Round 1 day 1: May 15 10AM PST
Round 1 day 2: May 16 10AM PST
Round 2 and semi-finals: May 22 10AM PST
Finals: May 23 10AM PST
(Schedule is subject to change depending on competitors’ preference)

Battle Room 4.0 FAQs
Can I join the Battle Room 3.0?
Of course! Anyone can join but you have to register before 8:59AM of May 13, 2021. From there, 16 participants will be chosen to participate. If you will not be chosen, don’t worry. Battle Room 5.0 will be open soon and it will have big prizes.

I am slow/I’m a beginner, can I still join?
Yes, everyone may join. This is the best time for you to join because speed will not be the only basis for winning. If you are fast and want to compete based on speed, please join Battle Room 5.0. Registration will be announced in a few weeks.

I failed to register, can I still join?
Unfortunately, we can not let you join Battle Room 4.0 if you failed to register but you are welcome to join the next season of the Battle Room Tournament. Just join our discord to receive future announcements.

When is Battle Room 4.0?
The First day of Round 1 will be on May 15, 2021. At around 10AM Pacific Standard Time, the Twitch livestream will start. Just be there on the day of your match(es).

How will I compete in the Live Battles?
At the very least, you have to be on our Discord Server and join the Waiting Room voice chat. You may also tune in to our livestream on Geo_Cuber Twitch to receive real-time updates regarding the competition. During your turn to compete, you will be asked to join the Battle Room or you will be dragged to the room if you are in the Waiting Room. You and your opponent will have to scramble at the same time and solve at the same time, so wait for the cue. The battle will be a race to 5. In other words, the first to get 5 wins will be the winner and will proceed to the next round. It has been a tradition since Battle Room season 1 to use watermelons as counters. Therefore, it’s a race to 5 watermelons. You will win watermelons based on the percentage of your improvement. After competing, you will be asked to leave the Battle Room. You may go back to the Waiting Room.

What do I need to compete?
You will need a WCA legal cube, any timer of your choice (as long as it runs normally), and a cube cover (or anything that can cover the entire cube). Honesty is also required so please compete honestly.

Do I need to show my face on camera?
You will not be forced to show your face on camera but at the very least we need to see your solves and hear your voice.

Do I need a Stackmat Timer?
No, you don’t. You may use any “fair” timing device. For the live battles, you will need a letscube account and an access to

Do I need to follow GeoCuber18 on Twitch?
No, you don’t have to but you might need to watch the livestream on Twitch to be updated on what’s happening while you are competing.

Can I record myself while competing?
Sure, no problem. Just make sure it doesn’t distract you and it doesn’t affect the quality of your video during the live battle. Competition highlights will be available on twitch and YouTube.

Is Battle Room Sponsored?
Battle Room competitions are usually sponsored by SpeedCubeShop but, since BR-IV is first of its kind(i.e. rules are experimental), we won’t be having any prizes for the winners. Join Battle Room 5.0 if you want to win big prizes. You may also win prizes during the stream by redeeming SCS Lucky Draw using channel points.
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