Minecraft Cube Festival

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This first non-cubing project of Geo_Cuber on Twitch is to build a giant Rubik’s Cube in Minecraft during live stream. But of course, he can’t do this alone. He needs your help! Yes, you! Gear up and join the legion of cubers and minecraft players in the search for building materials across the server. Follow clues to discover treasure chests that contain the building materials needed for the mission. Unfortunately, not all treasure chests contain treasures. Help the team, have fun, and earn the bragging rights for building a giant Rubik’s cube in Minecraft.

How to join?
  1. Make sure that you have a Minecraft account, a Discord account, and a Twitch account.
  2. Follow Geo_Cuber on Twitch and join his Discord server.
  3. Add and visit funnyseekers.net multiplayer Minecraft server.
  4. On the day of the festival (March 14 at 9:30AM PST), watch the livestream on Twitch and wait for the first hint to be announced on discord.
  5. The announcement of the first hint marks the start of the festival. That means, you may enter the Minecraft server and commence with the mission.
  6. If you find treasure chests, don’t forget to share it on discord for other players to see.
  7. The goal is to have fun and finish the giant structure before the and of the stream (est. 3 hours).
  8. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask our cool friends on Discord.

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