Rubik’s Cube Competition: SCS Battle Room V Open for Early Registration

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! Register here: Registration Form Deadline: July 03, 2021 at 11:59PM PST Preliminary Round: July 03, 2021 (whole day) (Come back here in the…

First Look: New Competitions Page for Battle Room V

Weeks before the planned schedule for Battle Room V, the new competition page is almost ready. There are still some issues that need to be addressed but…

SpeedCubeShop Easter Egg Hunt (Egg Locations)

When I started my Twitch stream today, SCS also posted the info regarding their Easter Egg Hunt on Instagram. So instead of doing BLD solves, I and…

Geo Cuber Server Discord Roles

Discord Roles (as of Mar 21, 2021) Everyone (Default) Requirement: Join the server. Permissions: view channels create invites send messages read message history join voice chat speak…

Ben Pugh vs. Ben Baron (Battle Room 3.0 Finals)

Battle Room 3.0 FinalsBen Pugh vs. Ben Baron

Minecraft Cube Festival

Introduction: This first non-cubing project of Geo_Cuber on Twitch is to build a giant Rubik’s Cube in Minecraft during live stream. But of course, he can’t do…

Battle Room Cubing Competition Season 3 Finals

Who do you think will be declared the champion? Saturday – March 13 at 9:30AM PSTTwitch:

Battle Room 3.0 Round 2

Are You Ready To Battle? Today – March 7 at 9:30AM PSTTwitch:

Battle Room 3.0 Round 1 (Results)

benpugh (5) – crimson (2) gil (0) – cuber’s adventure (5) loading (5) – lucian (1) cube coder (1) – tsolteo (5) ben (5) – lorentz (0)…

Battle Room 3.0 Round 1 (All 16 Competitors)

Welcome To

Congratulations! You found! Geo would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below or sign the guest book to let him know that you…

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